About Dr. Aaron Cole

Dr. Cole has a passion for Optometry, science, and our community. Raised locally in Somes Bar on the Klamath River, Dr. Cole has his heart rooted in this community.

Dr. Cole lived in Chile as an exchange student in his Junior year of High School. Later, he lived an additional two years in Argentina serving the Argentine people as a missionary. After marrying Claudia, whom he met during his student exchange to Chile, Dr. Cole returned to Chile for observational experience in a rural Chilean hospital. Through these extensive experiences, Dr. Cole developed his fluency with Spanish - and an appreciation for diversity and inclusiveness.

As he studied Molecular Biology at Humboldt State University, Dr. Cole was an active member of the pre-med student club and served as Chair of the Student Health Advisory Committee.

Dr. Cole conducts a comprehensive eye exam

After graduating as a Doctor of Optometry from Oregon's Pacific University, Dr. Cole was excited to return home to the Redwoods in 2012 along with his wife and three children.

Dr. Cole enjoys providing full-scope care including routine eye health and vision examinations. He stands out in his skills providing specialized medical eye care such as treatment of infections, injuries, and chronic diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. Patients benefit from Dr. Cole's dedication to their well-being.

Dr. Cole enjoys taking the time to thoroughly answer any questions regarding your eye health and vision.

Outside of the office, Dr. Cole and his family enjoy our local beaches, fishing, hunting, rafting, and exploring the forests. He regularly returns to the Klamath River to be with his parents and the families of his siblings. Dr. Cole's parents continue to run the family's business, Marble Mountain Ranch.