Contact Lenses

As Eureka's most comprehensive contact lens specialists, we offer unique contact lens options not available elsewhere. Over the years, we have encountered many patients that had been told by other providers that they are "not good candidates for contact lenses". The reality is quite different for many patients. Modern lens technologies have now made contact lenses an option for most individuals.

  • Do you have astigmatism? We have lens options for that!
  • Do you need reading glasses? We have answers!
  • Have prior contacts been uncomfortable? Let us tell you what has changed!

Dr. Cole and his team are experienced contact lens specialists. We offer standard soft lens options, rigid gas permeable lenses, scleral lenses, and CRT.

What is CRT? It is an amazing option for certain patients that allows you to wear a lens while you sleep and the next day you enjoy life without the need for any glasses or contacts. CRT, which stands for Corneal Refractive Technology, works like a retainer for your eyes while you sleep. This option is ideal for patients with prescriptions between -.50 and -6.00 of nearsightedness. Dr. Cole frequently recommends this option for children experiencing large increases in their myopic (nearsighted) prescription from year to year. CRT has been shown to dramatically decrease or even stop myopic shifts for these patients. Schedule an appointment to discuss this further with Dr. Cole.

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