Our office follows the guidelines of the American Optometric Association regarding frequency of pediatric eye exams. Many parents are unaware that children should have regular comprehensive eye exams starting around 10-12 months old. Pediatric eye exams should be repeated a minimum of every two years thereafter, although yearly exams will provide optimal care for your child's needs.

Yes, children under 1 year old need to be seen. The reason for this recommendation is because only a trained eye care provider is able to detect certain problems of the visual system that require early intervention. Risk factors for amblyopia ("lazy eye") and early detection of strabismus ("eye turn") can be detected at the beginning of a child's life. Such early detection allows for timely intervention that often avoids unnecessary loss of vision and/or complicated treatments later in a child's life.

Our team will make your child's visit fun and inviting. Our exam rooms are spacious enough for family members to join in on the exam. Toys are abundant and fun times are had!

Pediatric Eye Exam Eureka California